tocaphotos.com  Who are the target customs of tocaphotos.com photo editing services?
Our services are specially aimed at amateurs users, amateurs photographers for their travel or family photos. We also work for professionals of photography who want to improve their services, or just want to save theirselves the trouble of editing.

tocaphotos.com How could I send my photo to tocaphotos.com for editing?
Just fill out the form and send us the photos.Require no registration.

tocaphotos.com When do I have to pay the photo editing services?
When we edit your photo, we send you a low resolution sample so you can see the results.If you like it, you have to `pay it and we’ll send you the photo in the same resolution and size than the original, retouched.

tocaphotos.com What size should have a photo to be sent?
It could be the original size up to 8mb. For bigger images you can ask for information filling out the contact form.

tocaphotos.com How long is the edition?
It depends on the difficulty. Our delivery time is between 24h and 72h in tocaBasic and tocAdvanded service. In tocaCustom it is individually depending on the difficulty.

tocaphotos.com How do I get my photo already released once payment has been made?
We always send photos by email.

tocaphotos.com Could I et a special price ordering several photos?
Yes. For more than 10 pictures you ask for a special ratezsz filling out the contact form.


Could I ask the edition services to tocaphotos.com for pictures participating on photo contests?
We never ask about the destination of the photos but we think that it is no etic to submit photos to contests edited by us.

tocaphotos.com Can tocaphotos.com use my photos for advertising?
No. The photos are always private. But we could ask for a permition of the author and if he wants we can use it.



tocaphotos.com How can we offer such competitive prices?
We are professionals of photography both retouching both treatment of digital images since 20 years  ago.
We have the necessary tools and skills to work. This allows us to do our job in less time, reducing costs.