Sugar Man


As you know in tocaphotos we like starting friday with some music recommendation.

Today we bring you the documentary “Searching for Sugar Man” that has fascinated us. It is the story of a mysterious musician from Detroit who worked singing in different bars in the city, until he meets two music producers with whom he recorded two albums were not very successful. The artist disappeared among rumors that he had committed suicide on stage.

Surprisingly his work was well received in South Africa where his lyrics and the mystery that surrounded him turned Rodríguez into a very important figure for the young people in the country. His songs became a symbol of the struggle against apartheid.

The documentary is based on the research of Stephen Segerman, a South African musicologist, about Rodriguez’s life and how he never knew his success in South Africa. In 2013 he won the Oscar and the BAFTA for best documentary. 

We like it because it has made ??us discover the music of Rodriguez (a delight) and incredible (but true!) story.

Here’s the trailer. Enjoy your weekend of music and photos!


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