"Picture and music by... Carles Carreras!"

Picture and music by… Carles Carreras!


As you know in we like to welcome the weekend with photos and music. So we have asked our retoucheres to choose a song and a photo they especially like.
Carlos Carreras! Let’s start with you! What is your suggestion for this weekend?
“I take a picture of mine and a song of Neal Morse. I […]

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"Spring Promotion! Try tocaphotos FREE!"

Spring Promotion! Try tocaphotos FREE!


Spring is here (even though the weather is not …) and we want to celebrate with a promotion that you can not miss.
The first 15 pictures we receive from 1st April will have its edition* Free!!

Just put the code TOCASPRING14  in the submission form.
Do not miss this opportunity to turn your favorite photo into a professional […]

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"Lorenzo Zitta's tutorial on 3DWorld magazine"

Lorenzo Zitta’s tutorial on 3DWorld magazine


If at the beginning of the week we presented our “retouchers” Today one of them has brought  joy 3D World magazine has included a tutorial of our Lorenzo Zitta for its number of May.
It is a tutorial on how to shed light on a 3D scene. The scene  has a gothic atmosphere: a golden skull on a […]

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"We introduce the Retouchers, the tocaphoto team"

We introduce the Retouchers, the tocaphoto team


Tocaphotos team are celebrating. Why …? Today 25th March we have the pleasure to present you the retouchers!
These six photographers are part of the team Six professionals who have joined the project giving it an added quality. As you can see his work speaks for itself of an edition and processed more spectacular or […]

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"Sugar Man"

Sugar Man


As you know in tocaphotos we like starting friday with some music recommendation.
Today we bring you the documentary “Searching for Sugar Man” that has fascinated us. It is the story of a mysterious musician from Detroit who worked singing in different bars in the city, until he meets two music producers with whom he recorded two albums […]

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"Fly me to the moon"

Fly me to the moon


Monday morning, a new week begins, take a deep breath and … why not dream a little while?
Let’s fly!
Japanese Natsumi Hayashi takes us to a world situated between reality and fantasy with her photos of levitation.








 Would not you love to fly? Or at least look like you fly …? Why do not you ask Tocaphotos […]

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"John Stanmeyer"

John Stanmeyer


We are giving life back to tocaphotos blog talking about the winner of the “World Press Photo of the Year 2013” John Stanmeyer.
Stanmeyer is a photographer committed to the Asian and African world. He has worked for National Geographic and Time Magazine and he is a founding member of the VII Photo Agency.
The winning image […]

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"Decorate your home with your own pictures"

Decorate your home with your own pictures


We like, a company who decorate your walls or furniture with your own photographs.
Have a look to the web and remember can help you to get your picture absolutly amazing in a big big size!

prova 1

Pregunta 1? […]

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"Gregory Crewdson disturbing world"

Gregory Crewdson disturbing world


Gregory Crewdson (NewYork, 1962) is one of the most important photographers of the last ten years. He is known as a director of photography because of the film aesthetic of his pictures.
He creates a misterious and surreal world with its photographs of the american suburbs.
Sometimes he is not who takes the picture. He is dedicated […]

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"Restored memories"

Restored memories


Christmas time is coming. Why don’t you give a restored picture as a present this year?
Look at this exemple:

We believe in the value of memories. We can help you restore your old pictures.
prova 1

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